Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Quick Fix Tuna Pasta Salad

Happy Tuesday y'all!

Monday nights are crazy in our house...Reid is normally walking in the door as I am heading out. I have ballet downtown at 7:15pm and Reid tends to work late these days since he gets his Cross Fit on in the morning. Thus dinner plans always fall by the wayside for us on Mondays and we are both normally left to fend for ourselves because we just don't have time to make an elaborate meal.

Enter Tuna Pasta Salad....

On Sunday I made a huge batch of this tasty treat to munch on during the week. My mother used to have this dish on hand all the time during the warmer months and is now a staple in our home. (Thank goodness Reid loves tuna fish as much as I do.) This is a great quick fix that is light and perfect for people on the go. I pack it in my lunch or grab it for dinner with sliced tomatos and lettuce (and lots of salt, I love salt!).

{what you'll need}

4 cans of tuna
mayo (I start with only 1/2 a cup and add more if I need it)
relish (dill or sweet - I use sweet)
celery sticks - finely chopped
salt and pepper
1lb of pasta
chopped jalapenos and juice

{what you'll do}

cook pasta according to package to al'dente, drain it and run cool water over it
in a big bowl combine tuna, celery, relish, s&p, mayo and any optional items
add cooled pasta to tuna mixture
stir and chill
(the longer it sits the better I believe it to be)
I always add the mentioned optional items above because it gives the salad something extra, and Reid and I really enjoy the little kick from the jalapenos.

This dish is certainly not fancy but it's simple, easy and normally everything is already in my pantry. AND that in my book is very important. What are some of your quick fixes? I am always on the hunt for an easy meal!



  1. Yum that looks delicious! And so easy!! Your Mondays sound like ours, I don't know where the time goes but before we know it we're eating dinner at 9!

  2. YUM. seriously. one of my fave (easy) lunches is tuna + corn + chickpeas + a little bit of mayo. easy peasy.

  3. That looks so good and definitely something I could get Mark to eat! :-)

  4. I'm not the biggest fan of tuna -- but my parents are, and they would love this recipe! Definitely passing it along!

  5. I have been in the mood to have a tuna noodle salad for weeks. Which is weird, because I've never, ever had that in my life. So I've been nervous to make it because I'm scared it won't be good, but this has convinced me to give it a try! It looks so good and easy!


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