Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lake Lure Love

It's Wednesday and that means we are talking travel here on the blog. I have so travel much to catch y'all up on SO every week I will take you on a trip with my Wanderlust Wednesday posts. Today I am taking you to the quaint little mountain town of  Lake Lure, NC.

This past January, Reid and I spent our last weekend at his family's cabin in Lake Lure. This little cabin has hosted our crazy group of friends for the past several New Years and I am heart broken that it has officially been sold. Next year we will have to find another place to explore...any ideas?

We took full advantage of our last weekend at the cabin and hosted two fun loving couples; Ashley & Andrew and Anna & Jeremy. Our first order of business was to pile into my parents mini van, that we borrowed just for the weekend, and head to the grocery store. On the way down the mountain, we passed a family of wild turkeys...promising the men they could go play outside (aka go on a turkey hunt) when we got back was the only way were able to press on. Shopping was a success but the men insisted we make one last stop to the local hardware store to pick up a forgotten item - the axe. It proved to be a very handy tool to bring groceries in...

While the men were out doing manly things the women were left to put groceries away, make snacks and drink.  Once the men felt we had a sufficient supply of fire wood and successfully scared the turkeys away we all sat down for our obligatory game of Skip Reid, oh I mean Phase 10. This game is seriously the and we all get so mad while playing it and threaten to quit the entire time but for some reason we love it! 

Ashley, our resident "mom", made our traditional cabin supper that evening of spaghetti, Texas Toast and salad...this plate below was my husbands. Cleary he does not mess around when it comes to spaghetti - the man is a human garbage disposal.

 The night ended with more Phase 10, the boys sitting outside smoking cigars while the girls passed out watching Sex in the City - sounds about right! 

The next day, we decided to venture into the Biltmore Village, a little town right outside of Ashville, NC. Along the very windy back roads we managed to see signs for a winery and since the girls were just about to be car sick, we decided to make a pit stop. We landed at Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards and y'all, this place is pretty cool. This little winery is rich in history and charm - not to mention the wines were delish! Our little stop turned into a wine tasting, photo opp, play time with the resident dog and each couple walked away with a few great bottles. 

We finally made it to the Biltmore Village just in time for a late lunch. We scarfed down yummy food at the Corner Kitchen, the women got in a little shopping and the men got in a little bar time. We all piled back into the mini van and I drove back to the cabin while the rest of my little children got in a good nap. Lucky me. 

I feel truly grateful to Reid's parents for always letting us use this little piece of heaven. Lake Lure, you have been so good to Reid and I over the last 5 years and we will miss you dearly! Thanks for all the memories and very happy New Year's Eves! (I am sure the neighbors won't miss us!)

Check back next Wednesday as I take you on a trip across the ocean as I begin to recap our Italian honeymoon! 

Much love!


{for lovers of chic flicks out there}
Did you know that part of Dirty Dancing was filmed in Lake Lure? In fact every year there is a festival to celebrate...Check it out here.


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous, it looks like such a fun time! We're hoping to rent a cabin this fall in the Asheville area... this post makes me so excited to go to the wineries and see all the mountains in the Fall!

  2. Thanks so much!! It is so nice going to that part of the country, so laid back and relaxing. No need for cute clothes - just bring lots of leggins and good books!

  3. So fantastic! I love that cabin, and Asheville is one of my absolute favorite places. My grandparents used to live up in the mountains near Asheville, and I still love visiting that area!


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