Monday, April 28, 2014

Sunday Recap: Porch, Pups and Pizza

Oh hey Loves! Is it really Monday again..... where did the weekend go? I guess it does not help matters that I had to work this past Saturday and the one before but hey, who's complaining?

 Ok, well maybe me just a little bit.

Since my Saturday was a complete whirlwind, I knew I had to slow things down on Sunday. Reid and I started this glorious day off with breakfast on the back porch. Reid whipped up some eggs, toast, coffee and Bloody Marys. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the dogs were actually well behaved - it was like all was right in the world. I took this opportunity to get out my new Meal Planner notebook from May Designs and worked on a plan and a grocery list going for this week.

Y'all, I am just in love with May Designs, their products are just the best and their website is so user friendly. The meal planner notebook is just great for keeping you on track of what is going on that week and how to plan dinners.

Once I felt that I had a pretty good handle on our food needs for this week, I left my post on the porch and bolted upstairs to get ready. Reid and I had plans to meet my bestie Kristen and her little one, Lily, for a yummy lunch outside at Tazza Kitchen in Short Pump. Kristen invited me to tag along with her to the Little English Sale which is currently in town and y'all, this stuff is really cute and really well priced - go check it out for sure! 

I met back up with Reid at Costco and we successfully checked off all of our "to-do's" and even had time to stop by our fav ice-cream shop, Gelati Celesti

Once home and all the groceries were put away, a load of laundry started and Monday's dinner made, I retreated back to the porch for some one on one time with the computer, the pups and my fav wine while Reid prepared dinner.

Reid was the master mind behind dinner  last night and made homemade pizza in honor of our honeymoon. This exact time last year we were sitting in an amazing Italian plaza enjoying the most delish pizza and wine.  While I was at work yesterday, he made homemade pizza dough and gathered all the proper ingredients for perfect pizza. I am so lucky that my husband loves to cook and really knows his way around our kitchen. He set up a make your own pizza bar and even let me snap a few pic of him for the blog! What a sweetie!

His pizza was fabulous and took me right back to our amazing honeymoon. If only he could perfect the perfect cappuccino I would be in complete heaven. 

As you can see we had a nice, normal Sunday filled with the things I love: Our back porch, our pups and my sweet hubby's pizza! 

Hope your weekend was just as wonderful and that today's is a great start to your week! 




  1. I love your patio area- looks SO relaxing!! I need to get some cute outdoor pillows! Homemade pizza is the best- looks amazing

  2. Obsessed with May designs and I feel like I should get a meal planner one of these days... I would probably waste less food :)

  3. that pizza looks amazing. can your hubby teach my hubby a few things? lol. and i need that planner in my life, like now.

  4. Yum love homemade pizzas! What a sweet man you've got for making you such an awesome breakfast. Bloody Mary's too!

  5. that meal planner book is so smart! i should start doing something like that.
    your pizza looks sooo good! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. That pizza looks delicious!!


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