Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Not the Perfect Blogger.

If my extended hiatus has taught me anything, it's that I am not the perfect blogger.

And I'm ok with that.  

Being a blogger is really hard stuff and there is no such thing as being perfect at it.
And quite frankly, I sorta suck at it.

I said it.

Trust me, I dream about the days where I am able to stay on track. Stay the course. Be like one of those bloggers who never seems to miss a beat no matter what is going on in their lives. Keep the perfect home and fresh flowers on a clean coffee table. Actually finish one of my 56 drafts and have a few waiting in the wings.

but the reality is.... that is just not me.

In real life I am messy, un-organized, thrive in clutter and love to work right up to a deadline. I don't care if dishes go un-washed for a day or three. My clothes never get put away, they live on the tufted couch at the end of our bed. I can never find anything even though I swear I know exactly where it is. I write birthday cards and forget to mail them all the time.
I am sorta a hot mess.

But life is sorta messy.
And sometimes it takes being able to take a step back to revisit and revise to really accept who you truly are.

 I am a non-domestic, monogrammed obsessed, southern blogger who tries really hard to keep it honest and fun. I will not apologize for not blogging or going on hiatus or for letting life get in the way anymore. My blogging ebbs and flows and sometimes I need to just check out for a few. And please believe me when I say that it is not because I don't want to write and get all of your great feedback, it is because I cherish the time on the couch with my husband and pups. I am clearly one that gets easily side tracked and needs to be pulled back down to reality.

I am cool with being a not so perfect blogger.
In fact, I really like it.
It is so me.

But I am back, for real this time.
Maybe not every single day, but definitely back and ready to fill you in on all the happenings that's been going on since my last pathetic post.

Chat with y'all soon!




  1. 1. Definitely don't apologize for doing life over blogging & 2. Yay! Glad you're back to posting... even if it isn't every day because let's be real, nobody's got time for that!

  2. welcome back lady! cant wait to see what you've been up to! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. welcome back :) aint nothing wrong with not being like everyone else ;) that's life! hope all is well xxx

  4. We have all been there, girl!!! Seriously! I definitely get it!!! Welcome back!!

  5. girl i'm right there with you. i like to have fun with blogging; not let it become a chore. :)


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