Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend Recap.

So Monday, we meet again. 

at least we got an extra hour of sleep, right? 

So, I need to get some blog house cleaning out of the way because we know no real cleaning got done at my house this weekend. 

First, I am so excited to announce the winner of the May Designs give away. 

I am over the moon exicted for you, Jillian!
did you know they have a sweet little baby diary?

Second, I want to say hello and welcome some new followers to Virginia Sweet. Sharing this little piece of blogland with you makes me one happy gal. 

Third, let's get right into the my weekend recap. Other than insta, I sorta unplugged this weekend. Which was a nice change of pace for my husband and family. I did not worry about what  I was wearing, what sorts of pictures I was taking (which resulted in terrible ones, sorry!) or what time it was. It was lovely. 

After our 3 trick or treaters came by on Friday night, Reid and I scooted down to Cary Town for an impromptu date night. We had an early and pretty tame Halloween night. We tried to grab Starbucks on the way home, but it was closed at 8pm....say what!?!?!

Saturday, we got up and proceeded to the closest Starbucks (because clearly we did not get our fix the night before) and then made our way down to Williamsburg to see my parents. We met them for lunch at my mothers fav spot, the Old Chickahominy House, then she persuaded me to hit up Yankee Candle Factory with a 2 for 2 coupon. How could I resist? My dad, Reid and the dogs all headed back to my parents house to watch football while I spent what seemed like eternity in Christmas hell. Now, I love Yankee Candle Factory, let's just be clear about that. But my mother, Judy, is obsessed with Christmas and she has to Bless her heart. After 4 candles each and a rip roaring headache from all the smells, we headed home to sit by the fire, wrap up in some fuzzy blankets with the dogs and sip on apple cider.  We ended the evening with delicious dinner at Kingsmill before crashing into my childhood bed. Isn't is strange to be sleeping with your husband in the same bed you slept in when you were like 14? It is soo odd to me! 

Yes, that is Sampson riding in a real life baby car seat. No, we did not buy that for him. Yes, we are crazy but not that crazy. It is my nephew's car seat and Sam just happens to like it too.....we think it is because he can see out and Tuggy cannot get to him as easily. 

Anywho. Sunday, we had an absolutely lovely, lazy morning cad with blueberry sconces and tons of coffee. The sun came peaking out mid morning, so Reid and I decided to do something with our lives. We headed down to Colonial Williamsburg with Tuggy for a quick stroll and some Cheese Shop for lunch. Mom and Dad met us for lunch, handed us our other dog Sampson and then we scooted back to Richmond just in time to baby sit for our two fav little people under 3 - Libbie and Palmer.

||my vest||my scarf||his sweatshirt||

Phew....what a weekend. 
but I have to say that I loved every second of it!

A special thanks to Biana, and Meghan for hosting their wonderful linkup!

Till tomorrow loves!


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  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I unplugged this weekend too and it was SO nice! We didn't have any trick or treaters this year... wtf?!? Oh well, more candy for us, right? Sampson is so cute in that car seat! Happy Monday!

    <3, Pamela

  2. What a fabulous weekend!! It's fabulous fall weekends like that that make me miss Virginia. Glad you are taking it all in!

  3. Sounds like such a fun weekend! Your pictures are beautiful!

  4. You guys had such great weather - so jealous!! Sounds like a pretty perfect weekend!!

  5. Yay for the extra sleep!! I needed that this weekend! Happy Monday!

  6. yahh thank you!! :) :) bummer that you didnt get a ton of trick or treaters but the rest of your weekend sounded great -- i love me some yankee candles (esp christmas scents). xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. What a fun weekend! The weather looks awesome, I can almost feel it through your pics! Way to go for going 'off the grid' haha - it's hard, but so worth it! Happy Monday!

  8. Yankee candle with a two for two? Yeah. I'd be ALL over that! Looks like a really nice weekend!

  9. mmm looks so beautiful! Sounds like a great weekend and can you believe all the Christmas commercials out like the day after Halloween? (I must admit my excitement this year- I'm with Judy! haha) xoxo

  10. sounds like you had a blast of a weekend, i unplugged a bit (besides insta) as well, so good. i just love the dog in the car seat, adorable ;)

  11. Hi fellow Virginian! Found you through the link up- cute site!

  12. What an amazing weekend! I really need to unplug one weekend. I am on my phone way too much! xo


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