Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Christmas Dress, #tbt style.

I am a firm believer in buying a dedicated Christmas dress every year.
I am sentimental and cannot help it.
I blame my mother for this.

and I am am simply in love with what I found this year.

This ritual and life event of finding the perfect Christmas dress stems from cherished childhood memories. I distinctly remember as a child being able to open two presents on Christmas Eve, both revolving around church. One was a toy that would keep me quite and entertained during the service. The other was my Christmas dress with matching hair bow. I would immediately put it on and prance around the house.

My mother took such pride in finding the perfect, smocked, monogramed dress clad with huge paper white collar and perfectly tied bow in the back. You know the dresses I'm talking about. The ones that make all southern mamas swoon. And my mother was no exception. She has a true talent, some would call it a calling, for finding the perfect children's clothes. Just ask any of my friends who have little ones. She can also tie the perfect bow, I don't know how she does it but she does.

yes, that is little ole me in one of my said dresses.
 and check out those bracelets.
girl knew how to accessorize even back then.
and is it sad that I still have the same damn haircut?

I really had not intended to take a trip down ole memory lane when I planned this post. But while I was home the other weekend visiting my parents, I stumbled across these and could not help myself.

All of my old Christmas dresses from my childhood. 
My sweet mother has been keeping these pretties tucked safely away in hopes that one day I might have a daughter of my own to play dress up. Not only had she kept these babies in pristine condition but she also had a slew of my classic Lilly shifts stashed right along with them. I am not sure that I can think of a sweeter gesture than this... my mother is a gem I tell ya! 

Ok, let's fast forward to present day and let me introduce you to my classic, yet chic, 2014 Chirstmas dress

|| dress || shoes || watch ||

I am in love with her. 
She was bought on a whim, when I had exactly 15 minutes to find something and boy does she deliver. Plus she looks fab with my way to expensive rehearsal dinner Badly Mischka shoes that I never can find an excuse to wear.

I have already rocked her once to a Galla for Longwood but plan to wear her to my company's holiday party and Christmas eve at church. 
I am totally loving black this season and just think this dress is something else. 
So versatile and so easily wearable to a holiday party or wedding. 

Do yourself a favor and go buy the dress now, she is a keeper and one to wear over and over again.

photo creds go the amazing lady over at Newlyweds:North - duh, I could never do this myself.
xoxo Steph. 

gotta shout out to Annie over at Home of Malones for hosting her Thoughts for Thursday Linkup - thanks lady!

Have a fab Thursday and cheers to one more day before the weekend.



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  1. I am the exact same way with Christmas dresses! The one you have found this year is goooorgeous and absolutely perfect.

  2. i LOVE that dress on you! gorgeous. and so sweet that your mom kept those dresses, you'll be so happy to have those when you have a little girl to dress up. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. there is no better baby clothes purchaser than Judy. the end. xo

  4. The dress looks fabulous on you! I wore those BM shoes on my wedding day and I agree, I can't find a single reason to wear them again!! So frustrating!

  5. Girl you are a stunner!! I love the dress that you picked out this year!!

  6. LOVE this dress! The neckline is amazing!

    <3, Pamela

  7. Girl… you look GORGEOUS!! That dress is so amazing and I really love the green version too (too bad it's so pricey… if I only had a job!) xoxo

  8. this dress is gorgeous on you, and how cute were you as a kid! i love the tradition of getting new dresses. I normally stay in my pjs all day ;)

  9. Oh my this dress is divine! Perfectly elegant for any occasion! It's simple gorgeous!

  10. This dress is perfection! Wishing I had it to wear to a wedding this weekend!
    xo Southern Style


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