Monday, May 19, 2014

Week and Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday y'all!!

What an amazing week and weekend I just had, but goodness gracious I am happy to be home. Traveling is great but coming home is even better. Know what I mean? I am beyond thrilled to actually be home for the next couple of weeks and so happy to get our little pups back this evening! AND I have so missed you, my fabulous readers, and happy to be back on the blog!

So without further a-du, lets get right in to a recap of my crazy week! 

Well, lets just start off by saying that I have terrible luck at airports. Tuesday, I got suck in the Philadelphia airport for five hours of torture while my flight to Chicago was grounded. We were told that there was a fire in the Chicago air traffic control room for O'Hare and Midway and they were on a ground stop until further notice. Just lovely. So one amazing book later and some great people watching, we got the news that the "fire" was actually a bathroom vent fan that overheated and we were now cleared for take off. 
Holy mandal Batman!
So, Chicago was super cold and rainy. The training I attended had a tight schedule and we did not get a chance to really explore Chicago, which was a bummer. The training itself was great, very informative, and I cannot wait to share my knowledge with the group at work. Oh, and my flight from Chicago to Charlotte did not disappoint either.... we only had two gate changes and a hour delay. I think I got pretty lucky on that one. (said in a sarcastic tone) 

Poor Ashley had to travel in the rain to gather me and my exhausted self from the Charlotte airport on Thursday night. I pulled myself together and we met her husband, Andrew, for dinner at Trio in Greenville. The meal was delish but the icing on the cake was sitting right next to us... the great one, You already know if you read Friday's post... Wayne Gretzky! Can you believe it? How lucky were we? Oh, and I am soooo sure he loved it that we took his picture.

Friday was a lot of fun. I so enjoyed working at our branch in Greenville and meeting new faces within our company. I was welcomed with open southern arms, given a desk and got right to work on my mountain of emails. 

Reid got into town around 6:30pm on Friday night and we jumped in to the car and headed towards Greer, SC for dinner at the Strip Club. The little town of Greer is super charming with it's unique restaurants and walk-able streets - def a go back place. Ah, now on the the Strip Club. What a name! Clad with it's silver pole, this unique steak house had a great selection of steak, sauces, cheese and bacon. Yes bacon! They had so many different selections of bacon, bacon butter, bacon sauce, bacon wrapped you name it. The boys were in heaven! 

Saturday was golf day! Andrew and Ashley were so gracious to host us for the BMW Pro-Am at Thornblade. They are members at Thornblade and have access to a members tent and great seats on the 18th. There was definitely a little chill in the air but that did not stop us from enjoying some great golf, day drinking and seeing old and new friends!

Saturday night was just so great. We had a casual dinner at Sassafras Southern Bistro, in downtown Greenville. I had the shrimp and grits and they.were.amazing. We followed our fab dinner with a round of Cards Against Humanity...and with this crowd, the game went south pretty quickly. Hilarious!

Sunday, Reid and I hightailed it out of Greenville. I had been traveling since Tuesday and we were itching to get home. We swung by my friend Lorin's house on the way into town for some much needed bbq, baby and bestie love! After a quick bath and a little DVR time, I scooted upstairs and attempted to sleep. I was exhausted but just could not mind was filled with the events of my crazy, fun week. The locations, food, and company were simply amazing and we loved seeing our dear friends! This morning came all too soon and now I am off to a great day in the office. I am exhausted, to say the least and I know ballet will kick my butt tonight, but cheers to a new week loves!




  1. Sounds like such a perfect weekend minus the whole stuck in the airport thing! I can't believe you saw Wayne at a restaurant! Jealous!!!

    <3, Pamela

  2. Airports in general are usually annoying (unless we are going to some place Caribbean and there is a great bar...dreaming) you look so dang great in all of your Lilly! Hope you have a good week girl! xoxo

  3. Looks like a great weekend... besides your flight. Traveling can be so exhausting sometimes.

  4. what a fun weekend! boo to the 'fire'! i hate when flights are delayed. i love that restaurant's name, lol.

  5. Looks like a great weekend!! I know the feeling! I am looking forward to some weekends at home after the month of May! I love Trios - haven't tried the Strip Club yet but you're right, Downtown Greer is neat!!

  6. I love all of your outfits in the post! No fun about the airport!

  7. What a fun weekend! Y'all hit some great spots, too! Still haven't been to The Strip Club, but I'm dying to try it out.


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