Friday, May 2, 2014

talk Derby to me!

So, first of all - Happy Friday Y'all!
And Second, the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby is tomorrow and I am really excited. This event is a southern girl's dream. Big hats, frosty mint julep cups, Lilly and seersucker as far as the eye can see and so much southern charm I cannot even stand it!
 I thought I could combine my love for horse races with my love for linking up with these lovelys, April, Christina, Darci and Natasha, and chat Derby talk with y'all!
Here are five reasons why I love the Kentucky Derby and horse races in general!

{one: the outfit}

Oh lawd, this may be my favorite part! Horse races bring out the best ensembles. period. Gentlemen in their seersucker pants, pressed button downs, pastels galore and Vineyard Vines bow ties are just too handsome for words. And oh my goodness the ladies never disappoint. Neither does Lilly, are the collections thus far not amazing? I want one of everything. 

{two: the drink}

Ah, the classic mint julep, can you get anymore Southern than this? I think not! In fact, my extensive research suggests that the mint julep originally hailed from Virginia. It seems that the first known publication (in 1803) of a julep with mint describes it as "a dram of spirituous liquor that has mint in it, taken by Virginians in the morning".  Clearly, we Virginians knew what it was to be Southern for a very long time!Below is my classic recipe for a mint julep!

What you will need per drink:
5-6 fresh mint leaves
2 tablespoons of your favorite drinking bourbon
1 tablespoon of simple syrup
 crushed ice
chilled julep cup
cocktail stirrer or decorative straw

what you will do:
Put simple syrup and mint leaves in your chilled julep cup. Use the back of your spoon to gently press the mint leaves against the cup to release all the minty flavors. Pack as much crushed ice in your cup as possible (think snow cone!) and pour bourbon over ice. Place your decorations on top and drink up! You will want to serve immediately, don't give that ice to melt!

tips to make you look like a pro:
chill julep glasses, this prevents the ice from melting too quickly
you must use crushed ice!
 (wrap ice cubes in a kitchen towel and crush with a wooden spoon)
reserve a couple sprigs of mint to top your mint juleps, it makes for a pretty presentation

{three: the horses}

Nosupeforyou, Riding Miss Daisy, Slumpbuster, Brandelina and Uncle Sigh are just a couple of my all time favorite Kentucky Derby horse names. Have you ever taken the time to read the list of contenders?  Some of the names are just so clever and witty! These majestic animals are really something and I just love to see them fly around the track.

{four: the hat}

“If you don’t wear a hat to the Kentucky Derby,” says Sheila Nobles of C.K. Nobles, the official millinery designer for the Kentucky Derby Museum at Churchill Downs, “you’ll feel like the woman who wears jeans to a little black dress party.” via
 Derby Hat Know-How

Style: Whether you’re short or tall, have a round or a long face, there’s no predetermined hat style you should wear. Instead, it’s all about what makes you feel comfortable—and fabulous!
Fit: Once you put on your hat, you shouldn’t have to touch it the rest of the day. For reinforcement, secure it with hat pins or add sizers (small padded bands placed on the inside of the rim).
Placement: Hats should sit 1 to 2 inches above your ears. Be careful not to place your hat too far back on your head. If you do, only the people behind you will see the splendor of your Derby hat thus negating that coveted grand entrance.
Etiquette: Unlike men, who are expected to remove their hats indoors and during the National Anthem, women are permitted to wear their extravagant headpieces throughout the Derby festivities. But if you’re in a crowded space with a wide brim hat, remember your Southern manners and do be mindful of your neighbors.

{five: the tradition}

Tomorrow, the legacy continues with the 140th running of "The Run for the Roses". An event that is the pinnacle of Southern tradition and one of the most popular horse races in the US. There is so much more to this race than just infield drinking and pretty outfits. The majesty of the sport, the time, training, and commitment that each team exhibits and the overall feel of Churchill Downs is something I cannot wait experience one day. My love for this event comes from a deeply rooted pride for our country and it's southern traditions.
I am crashing a Derby party with my ol'pal MH tomorrow so make sure to follow along on Instagram! cwayscue or click here
Much love and happy Derby day!

I am also linking up with Lauren Elizabeth and Meet at the Barre - Thanks Ladies!


  1. "talk derby to me" ... how did I not think of this?? Love the post and I have to say I've never had a mint julep. Is it more minty or more whiskey-tasting? Have fun at your party :)

  2. I've loved the Kentucky Derby for as long as I can remember! I'm usually glued to the TV all day, but this year I'm going to DVR the pre-race coverage and make sure to be home by post time. Enjoy your Derby party! I have super classy shirt that says 'talk derby to me' that I'll pair with my truly classy hat... It'll be quite the fashion statement!

  3. SO fun! i want to go to a derby party! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. You get the award for the cleverest Derby-title post. It made me giggle!


  5. You win just for the title alone! Thanks for linking up!

  6. My husband's favorite drink is the Mint Julip and I've never made it for him before! I'll have to use this recipe and surprise him when I get home.


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