Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The First Look.

Our first look was my favorite moment of the day.

Everything about it was magical.
The setting sun. The slightly crisp air. The lovely moment of quiet.
And the love, so much love,
 allowed this event to happen and just stand still for a moment in time.

I did not cry.
I laughed and giggled and smiled my way though the whole thing.
Reid was so serious and I was a goofball.
It was so us.

Here's what I remember.

I remember walking down the long hall at church with Lindsay, my wedding planner, and being left alone at the front doors.
I remember standing there wondering why I was not nervous and thinking it was weird to be calm at a time like this.
 I remember Lindsay telling me it was time to open the doors and go see Reid.
I remember thinking I should try to sneak up on Reid from behind.
 I remember thinking I should have said "Boo", because that is something I would def do.
 I remember being so happy, and lord was I giggling.
 I remember Reid being so handsome and nervous to touch me in fear of messing up my makeup.
I remember how his hazel green eyes looked in the setting sun.
I remember thinking I was one lucky girl.
I remember we started walking down the street.
I remember thinking we were taking a long time but really didn't care.
  I remember Lindsay almost having a heart attack because we were running so late.
I remember rushing back to our respected rooms and immediately being adorned with my veil.
I remember being deemed fit to walk down the aisle by my matron of honor and Lindsay and then scooted out the door to meet my sweet daddy.
I remember thinking how blessed we were to have this time together, to just set the right tone for the rest of our day and the rest of our lives.
I remember thinking I loved this man.
I remember it like it was yesterday,
and suspect I always will.

There I was, all ready to meet my daddy and walk down the aisle to Reid. 
I feel blessed to share this deeply personal moment with you and wish you all the love and happiness I felt this day, everyday.

Now that we are all primped and smitten with each other, let's get hitched.
That's tomorrow loves!
See ya then.



*Photography all courtesy of the amazing Eva over at PhotoLadyLove

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  1. Absolutely love seeing your wedding pictures and hearing all about your first look! Such a cute story! I wish I would have done a first look too now!

    <3, Pamela

  2. I always get so sad when I see First look pics because I didn't do one!! I love your face when you're about to surprise Reid. These are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. gorgeous photos!! i love that you guys did a first look -- it's such a nice moment to have together :) and hilarious that you were so giggly :) :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. First looks are my favorite - your face when you're walking up to him is the best!! Love the photos!

  5. Girl, these photos are amazinggggg!! Love your dress and you made such a beautiful bride. Ryan & I are definitely doing a first look too…. can't wait :)

  6. LOVE! You can just see the happiness in both of your faces! I totally thought I was going to cry but held it together - my husband was the more serious one, too :)

  7. So pretty, Caroline! The happiness is just the most adorable thing!
    xo Southern Style

  8. ohh these photos are beautiful!! you two are so cute together <3

  9. gah I am STILL not over your gorgeous dress. I love your first look photos, so much better than ours, lol.

  10. I love hearing your emotions behind it and would love to hear Reid's side!! I remember peeking out the door to see this special moment!!

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